Acting Through Dreams Workshop

Who knew that connecting with your dreams could be the best thing to happen to actors and writers since Stanislavsky.

Based upon a methodology developed by Sandra Seacat incorporating Jungian dream-work, this unique workshop experience enables artists to tap directly into their subconscious minds in order to make instantaneous authentic choices. It is a unique approach to acting that gets to the core truth of who you are, in order to enrich and deepen the lives of your characters and yourself. Applying this technique to your acting craft will open you up emotionally and give a depth to your work you’ve never dreamed possible.

The many phenomenal actors known to use this revolutionary method include: Marlo Thomas, Laura Dern, Gina Gershon, Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Don Johnson and Academy Award winners Jessica Lange and Tatum O’Neill. Johnny Depp and Melanie Griffith praised acting through dreams on Inside the Actors Studio.